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It is an honor and a privilege to join you and your family on your pregnancy journey! Pregnancy is a special time, filled with anticipation, joy, and adventure, but at times may be physically and emotionally challenging, anxiety-provoking, and mysterious. Having assisted many thousands of women through their pregnancy and delivery, Dr. Trites and staff are well equipped to guide, support and empower you through this magical experience.


Our ultimate goal is to assist you in having the healthiest and safest pregnancy and delivery possible. We strive to collaborate with you to achieve the experience you desire, while keeping you and your baby as safe as possible throughout the entire process. We utilize and offer all possible pro-active prenatal care and testing strategies, including referrals to specialists if needed, and seek to encourage as much education as possible throughout our time together. Please refer to our “Educational Resources” and “Recommended Products” as we will continually add more offerings for you as available!


  • Relaxed, personal, comprehensive obstetrical evaluations, where all concerns, questions, pregnancy management options and birth plans are addressed.
  • Expert care for Low Risk as well as co-management with local Perinatologists and specialists for High Risk pregnancies.
  • Basic obstetrical ultrasounds from the comfort of our office.
  • Private practice setting, with 24 hour on call availability for urgent questions and issues.
  • Vaginal or Cesarean Section Delivery at Northridge Hospital Medical Center*, by Dr. Trites, or by private practice physician in case Dr. Trites is unavailable.  (Never an anonymous “on call” or “in training” physician)
  • Cesarean Section
  • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
  • Stone FootstepsTubal Ligation/Sterilization as requested
  • Circumcision of male baby if requested
  • Assistance with disability forms as needed and requested
  • Education regarding various prenatal tests, Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking options, and information regarding prenatal classes and events.
  • ***Depending on insurance coverage, some available services may not be a covered benefit for you. Especially if you are insured with an HMO plan, authorizations for certain services may be needed prior to being performed.



Northridge Hospital

*About Dignity Health, Northridge Hospital Medical Center (NHMC):

  • Distinguished as one of the top 5% in the nation, offers an up-to-date, supportive and empowering labor, delivery and post-partum experience.
  • Equipped with soothing and Private Birth Suites, encouraging baby to stay with you throughout birth until discharge.
  • Great effort is made to keep the program “Baby Friendly,” by enhanced in-house lactation support for breastfeeding, “kangaroo/skin to skin contact,” pro-active post-partum care, and extensive birth preparation classes.
  • 24 hour Anesthesiologist in house at all times for pain management support
  • Surgical Suites on both Labor and Delivery and Post-partum Units, in case of need for immediate access to operating room.
  • Level IIIB NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) – offering the most advanced level of neonatal care available, if necessary.
  • Complete Surgical Care Services, with most advanced technology available, including da Vinci Si Robotic Surgical System, along with excellent post-operative care.
  • Full service Level II Trauma Center, Pediatric Trauma Center and Emergency Services

For further information, or to Pre-Register Online, Visit www.dignityhealth.org/northridgehospital

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